▪ Fees must be paid weekly.
▪ Childcare costs not covered by CCS, are to be paid by the enrolling parent/guardian.
▪ If CCS is pending, a minimum of 50% of fees need to be paid weekly, with the balance of account due once CCS is finalised.
▪ If the parent/guardian becomes ineligible for any subsidy, they will be responsible for paying the full fee.
▪ Late pick-ups will incur a fee.
▪ Debit recovery may be referred to our debt collection agency and all legal fees and commission incurred will be payable by the enrolling parent/guardian.
▪ A 50% fee discount is offered to all staff members who are parents/guardians or partners of parents/guardians of children who attend our centres.

Absences/Admendments Or Withdrawal Notifications

▪ If your child is absent for any reason, please notify the centre immediately. Two weeks advance notice in writing is required if you intend to withdraw your child from care.
▪ A discounted fee per day will apply for permanent bookings for family holidays, and notification must be given at least 2 weeks in advance in writing.
▪ 24hrs notice must be given for any cancellation or change to a casual booking.
▪ Fees must be paid for all permanent bookings even when the child is absent due to illness and public holidays however a make-up day is offered for Public Holidays and must be used within 30 days.
▪ For Vacation Care bookings, I understand if my booking is cancelled within a rostered week, I will still be charged for those bookings.
▪ If your child is absent on their last booked session Centrelink will not pay Child Care Subsidy for that day. Full fees will apply. This includes the two weeks’ notice period.

Record Of Payment

▪ A statement of your account is available on your OWNA app.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep all information (i.e.: relationship status, work/school status, family income, reason for care, address, phone number etc.) current with Centrelink and BlueBird Child Care.

I have read and understood the fee policy, including fee payment, termination, absences and public holidays.
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